Associate Application Page

An Associate is someone who buys the products wholesale and gets money back from the company for products they use,
and / or  who wants to start a business by signing up people under them.

The company gives you money back on all orders you personally make that are over $50, and for the orders of people you sign up under you.

To sign up as an Associate, click on the link below. You will be taken to my Youngevity Home Page. Then click on "Join Now" at the upper right. It's simple!
(Note: the sign-up form is on a secure https server)

When you get to the sign up page you have two choices: to sign up as a distributor ($10), or as a preferred customer (free). You get a 30% discount on the products either way. The $10 covers the cost of sending you a starter kit with sign-up forms, a CD, and a product catalog.

If you want to sign up as an Associate (a distributor), make sure you scroll down the page and hit the Select button for "Welcome Kit."


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