Why do you have to sign up?

In order to keep track of people and their orders, you fill out a short information sheet so the company knows who you are and where to ship your stuff. This is standard procedure when you want to buy anything on-line. You only have to do this once, and then you can order over the phone or on the web. Youngevity doesn't store credit card info unless you tell them to. I personally have my credit card on file so I don't have to keep typing it in every time I order, or give it over the phone. All credit card transactions occur on a secure website.

To sign up, click on the Associate Application or the Customer Application link at the top right. The sign-up fee is like a Lifetime Membership. I think it's a good deal because there are no rip-off "continuing membership fees" or other hidden costs. You sign up once, pay your 6 or 10 bucks, and that's it!

What's the Difference Between the Associate Application and the Customer Application?

The short answer: $10.

The Associate Application and the Customer Application are almost the same form. The Associate Application has a one-time $10 fee which covers the cost of printing and mailing you a color brochure with all of the Youngevity products and their descriptions, CD's, and sign up forms. The Customer Application is free.
The Associate Application allows you to buy the products wholesale (at 30% discount) and enables you to get credit for all purchases that you make, and credit on the purchases of  people who sign up underneath you.  For more information on the compensation plan, go here.

For legal reasons, on the Associate Application form you have to type in your social security number. Believe me, the company doesn't want to have to do this but the government requires it for anyone who sells any kind of product or service to others. Dr. Wallach and I are freedom loving people and we hate bureaucracy, and cherish our privacy and yours. So understand that we have to ask for your SS number not because we want to, but because of government regulations.

The Preferred Customer Application is for those who just want to buy the products wholesale, and is free. You don't get money back on your purchases and you can't sign up people underneath you. You also don't have to give your social security number. But really folks, if you have an SS, the government already knows who you are, along with probably several dozen corporations. Youngevity understands that some people just don't want to give out their SS, so we provide the Customer Application for them.

What is an Associate?

An Associate is just somebody who wants to buy Youngevity products wholesale, AND receive money back on their purchases. Associates can also sign up people under them and receive a percentage of that person's sales. Most Associates use the products and like them so much they naturally tell their friends. After a while they discover that the commission checks from the company pay for the products they use each month. Some people then take it to the next level. Youngevity isn't an aggressive marketing company. We aren't a bunch of proselytizing zealots trying to take over the world. All I know is that in 6 weeks of using these products, I recovered from two years of chronic fatigue brought about by metal poisoning. Now that's something to talk about!

To buy the products you have to complete either the Associate Application or the Customer Application. Go to the top right and you will see the links.

When you click on the Application link you will be taken to the Youngevity.com website where you fill out the application form on-line. You will need to enter your credit card information further along in the checkout process to cover the $10 signup fee, but Youngevity doesn't store credit card information unless you tell them to.

The Application Form page will open in a separate window, so when you are done, just close the window to return to this page.

A Note on Network Marketing

Some people will tell you that network marketing is a scam. "It's just a pyramid scheme," they will say. "Those at the top make all the money and those at the bottom run out of customers."

Well, that's just not true. Here's what successful internet marketer Neil Shearing, in his book "Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing," says (Neil has over $500,000 worth of tracked affiliate sales from 1999-2004):

"The Saturation Myth

"A lot of people say that there's no point in joining an affiliate program unless you get in early. Their reasoning is that when the program gets too big and has too many members, there aren't enough people on the Internet for all those members to promote to. In other words they say that the program itself has become saturated.

"The truth is, there is no such thing as saturation. Everyday there are more people coming onto the Internet. Today, only a fraction of people in the world even have Internet access. As the years roll by and more and more people hop on the Internet express, there will be even more people to market to.

"Obviously as more and more people get into a program there is more competition. But that competition is NOT bad. As a matter of fact, it is very good. Why? Simple. When a program is brand new and there aren't a lot of people promoting it, when a person sees the program, because it is unfamiliar, they're hesitant to get involved. They don't know if the program will be around the next day and are more reluctant to join. But when they see a number of people promoting it they're more likely to think that this thing is here to stay. They are experiencing what we call brand awareness. The program that yesterday was an unknown is now a household word.

"...The point is, there is no such thing as saturation and no such thing as too much competition. These are just myths started by chronically unsuccessful people."


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