March 2012

Vol7, #3

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Ten Points

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
2/ 5/ 2012


What is all this channeling business anyway? Why bother to channel when you can investigate, talk to people, and find out the real facts?


The earth is evolving rapidly -- and it is all about consciousness. There is an awakening on planet earth, if you want to call it that. There is a growing awareness of realities outside the body reality and the electromagnetic spectrum.  Some of you call this inter-dimensional reality, or moving from a lower “density” to a higher density, or Ascension. Whatever you want to call it, the planet earth is now in a state of dynamic chaos, where more and more possibilities are presenting themselves. These possibilities are just potential realities brought about through the law of attraction and the law of vibration, by your own changing belief systems. There are a number of points to be made in this week’s message:

1) Channeling has been very important because messages from Spirit, or your higher selves, has been very difficult to penetrate into your consciousness while you have been playing the expanded game of free will. During this game of greater density, these messages have inspired hope, and have reminded you of your true, divine, origins.

2) As the population of humanity has exploded during the past two centuries, the message of spirit has been able to penetrate the bubble of belief which has been created around the earth in order to play the expanded game of free will. As the background vibration has been raised due to billions of incarnated spirits on earth, the system has evolved from a very stable set of beliefs and information systems that allowed you to play the expanded game and explore all aspects of the dark side, into a dynamic, non-linear, chaotic system where more and more possibilities are becoming real to more and more people. This is causing tremendous confusion, for you are wondering: what is the TRUE reality?

3) Physical reality is programmed through information systems, just as the blueprint for a house or a schematic for an appliance determines exactly how the device is built. What you have not understood until now is that the information systems for physical reality are subtler information systems beyond and invisible to the body reality, and exist at the level of thought. Thought is a direct product of consciousness, and when you understand this (and yourselves) better, you will become aware of an entirely new set of information that will allow you to change your physical reality for the better in ways you may have only dreamed about in science fiction or fantasy stories. This is what the previous messages for the past several months have been about.

4) There is what you might refer to as a holographic envelope of information that surrounds your planet, and provides the underlying programming for your belief systems, somewhat like a computer’s operating system supports the code that is used by program developers to create programs like Photoshop and Word. Those who understand how to insert thought forms, or memes (which are just information, after all) into this holographic information system can literally determine how you think! In other words, Reality is programmed at the level of thought, and those who attempt to “channel”  may find themselves not accessing the true message of spirit, but accessing instead another set of beliefs placed there by those who have agendas. Of course, every species has the ability to program its own set of beliefs: but the point is that humanity does not yet understand this.    You have allowed your planetary field to become polluted with belief systems that go against your own best interests! And then you rant and rail against authority or the system, not understanding that you, individually and collectively, have the power to blow all of that unwanted stuff out of the water, and insert your own information systems instead. So again, free will reigns. There are no “big bad beasties” out there who control your minds and your reality. And if there are -- well, there are, let’s put it that way -- you have invited them into your sphere by your own beliefs! And so you see you have the control: no one else does. This is a common evolutionary step that all underdeveloped planets must take, in order to advance into civilized galactic society. Just as an underdeveloped country on earth must build an infrastructure of roads and bridges, and design a court system and a law enforcement system, and all of the other trappings of civilization which are necessary to allow millions of people to live and work together without excessive conflict, so too must a planet, when it becomes more cohesive in awareness, take the next step out of the body reality, and understand that the all-that-is is a multi-dimensional system with an almost infinite number of possible realities. You determine which ones you will access and make real to you. This is what is happening right now as the earth has gone into the zone of chaos. The earth has gone past the old, stable system of lower density (by lower density one could say, a lower number of possible choices and outcomes, a configuration space with a lower number of degrees of freedom) and into a chaotic state where the number of possibilities is increasing rapidly.

5) Envision the evolution of consciousness on earth, and the present chaotic state of your information systems, like a road that branches off into two directions. Now, the road may have three, or four, or seven, or twenty branches, but to keep things simple, let’s say that the road branches in only two directions. So you have two choices, or possible paths. Then imagine that each of those branches has two directions, and each of those roads again branch out in two directions. If you continue this process only 10 times, you have 2^10 possible realities, which is already over 1,000 different choices. If the process continues 20 times, there are over one million possibilities. And if you continue it 50 times, there are over 1 quadrillion possibilities! There are far more than a quadrillion dimensions, or realities, in the all-that-is. Obviously, no more than a few of these will be accessible to any individual, or species, at any one time. Vibrationally speaking, you are only able to access that which is close enough to the vibrational bandwidth of your chosen belief/information systems. Nevertheless, there are now over 7 billion human beings on the planet making choices. Imagine what happens to the set of possible choices when you have this many people waking up, and making decisions! What happens? Well, the system quickly enters a chaotic state with a huge number of choices, or potential realities, until the collective settles on a choice which stabilizes the system. This is evolution. This is complex adaptive behavior. This is what happens when you decide to change for the better. The universe opens up to you!

6) To see a good sample of the possible realities that the earth is experiencing right now as a result of your awakening, go to the Project Camelot website at Click on the “Interviews” link, and just look at what is displayed there. And if you really want to blow your mind, click on “Camelot Library” for the archives. You can find all sorts of stuff on YouTube as well.

The question is, “but which one of these (sometimes weird) realities is the truth?” The answer is that they are all true! Do you guys get it now? All of these different realities are true. The only question you have to ask yourselves is, “which one of these possibilities do I want?” That is the process going on right now. Like a huge department store that displays goods of every description, you are being asked to choose what you want. A few of these potential realities are very dark, and many more of them are wonderful. Of course you are overwhelmed! The choices you have are expanding your consciousness, which is natural considering that the planet is awakening. That’s what happens when you wake up: you see a bigger picture.

7) Now, those who want you to choose one way will present THEIR reality as inevitable. “There’s nothing you can do to stop it,” the New World Order crowd will say. “We are so powerful, we control the system and we will direct you unwillingly onto our branch of reality.”

Now you hear the buzzer: WRONG!!!!

The only power one being has over another being is to convince him or her of something. Then that being CONSCIOUSLY makes a choice to go one way or the other. FREE WILL is in operation everywhere in the all-that-is. Everywhere. On earth, during the expanded game of free will, you had an equal choice to go to the dark or to the light. That’s how the game was set up. Now, as you emerge from the game of light and dark, you are naturally oriented somewhat toward the dark side. Therefore, the choices, or branches along the path of reality, that will be presented to you, contain both dark choices and those which go toward Spirit and your true selves. How can this be evil?  It is not! It is simply a natural evolution of your planet out of greater density into a bigger game with more possibilities. Do you blame the department store manager for offering too many goods? Surely not!

But the dark choices are much more limited, and the game is far vaster and more interesting if you choose the light instead of the dark. The system is itself set up for you to go towards the Light, because consciousness itself is inherently Light. So the game is always rigged in your favor, and no matter how dark you get you can always extricate yourself. Remember, all endings are happy endings as you exit the game and return to Native State. So it’s all good!

The point here is that there is no such thing as forcing someone to do something. All there is, is convincing or persuading. On earth this has been expanded into a science: the science of propaganda, of psychological manipulation, and the darker aspects of the use of physical trauma and abuse to compartmentalize the mind and shock the emotions, creating a being who can be manipulated. And this, of course, gets into the subject of pedophilia, which we will not touch on in this show. Suffice it to say that a child’s consciousness is not fully formed, and at this stage of physical existence, the young person can be directed using the ways discovered in your exploration of the dark side in the expanded game of free will. Underlying the present state of affairs on planet earth, in every one of your societies, is the underlying activity of child abuse. As 2012 evolves, you will see this information come out gradually into the public awareness. If  you want more information about this you can read David Wilcock’s blog post called “The End to Financial Tyranny” at

8) What is channeling? Channeling is supposed to be the direct accessing of Spirit from the physical. But remember that there is lots of information floating around within the planetary holographic information system. Some of this stuff is deliberately put there to confuse you. So how do you know what is the Truth and what is garbage? The answer is, Does it make you feel excited and vibrant? Or does it collapse your space and make you feel fearful? There are only two kinds of messages: those based in love and those based in fear. Some messages based in love can shock you at first, because they contain information that blows your mind. Some of this information may be exposing the dark side of the game of free will. But deep inside, even in a message that may shock you, you can feel the love. In a fear-based message there is no love. Fear-based messages or information is designed to cave you in and to get you to believe that things must inevitably go in a certain direction, and that there is nothing you can do about it. In other words, fear-based messages attempt to convince you that you have no free will (which is absurd and wrong).

There are really only two choices: fear and love. Love will take you inevitably to the right path, because the underlying vibration of the universe, the OM if you will, is a love vibration. And you can feel that very powerfully. The operating word in 2012 is personal discernment. Every one of you is going to have to come off the fence and make your own decisions about what to believe, and where your life is going. You will more than likely be faced with compelling and clever propaganda during the earth’s evolution to a higher state of consciousness.  Some of the dark actors, as Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot says, are pretending to be lightworkers, and some of the lightworkers involved in exposing the dark actors are posing as the “bad guys” because they are risking their lives and the lives of their families to bring forth information. So whom do you trust?

In order to decide on the legitimacy of anything, you must look at everything you see and hear and run it through your own personal filter. Decide whether the message is based in fear or in love, and act accordingly. Remember that true messages from Spirit are always uplifting. I have never received even one negative thought in all of the messages I have downloaded from my personal guidance. Apparently consciousness, spirit, the angelic realm, the higher self, the higher power, whatever you want to call it, is uniformly positive, inspiring, and uplifting. That is the consistent message I have gotten from the guys for the past four years.

9) All of these messages on the Interview With Spirit show are culminating in 2012. The rising awareness of humanity, if all goes as is trending right now, is headed toward a really amazing positive outcome that will seem perfectly natural when it happens. As we said before, the entire process of channeling will become unnecessary when the human race reaches the tipping point  and reaches a greater understanding.  Some have said that there will be a diminution of free will, but this is not so at all. The quantum leap in consciousness will be like having two choices: getting in a car that will plunge into the lake and cause you to have a painful, horrible death, or going to the Caribbean on an all-expenses-paid vacation with your best friends, and having so many interesting things to do that you will never be bored. What would you choose? 99.9% of you are going to choose the wonderful vacation. Is this a diminution of free will? Nope! Any sane person would make the second choice, because it is just quintessentially BETTER.

10) Now, there is something called the Rapture, in which the chosen are taken up to heaven and the rest are doomed to hell. Of course this is an exaggeration and a distortion of something very powerful that happens during the evolution of consciousness: your free will choice to choose what ever path is presented to you in this chaotic time of many choices. Some will choose the first path, and will find themselves in a reality that perfectly reflects their choices. We said before that the all-that-is is a superposition of realities, or potential outcomes, all of which exist together. How this works is way beyond my understanding at the present time, but we  talked about this in a previous show.

Imagine that there are 10 trillion possible realities (there are a lot more than that). Each of these realities exist simultaneously with the others. So if, on earth, 7.8 billion out of 8 billion people choose a positive outcome, and 200 million choose one of the negative outcomes,  each being will find themselves on an earth that physically reflects their choices. Events will occur in the physical universe to make all possible outcomes real to those who choose them. There are many, many positive possible outcomes and many, many possible negative outcomes. Some people refer to these outcomes as “timelines” but they aren’t really timelines at all, in the sense of a linear corridor down which you travel to a certain outcome.   They are simply superposed realities that exist within each other, so that each being is allowed to experience precisely what he or she has chosen. This concept of superposition is a very powerful one. What is happening is that the metaphysical is merging with the scientific: as consciousness evolves, what was considered woo-woo will become reality, but it will happen so seamlessly and so naturally that no one will notice that anything is amiss. That is because those who think that the woo-woo stuff is impossible, will not experience it! They will find their own version of reality. Those who think the woo-woo stuff is cool will experience that reality, and all will seem natural.

How this happens will unfold perfectly and naturally. For those who choose darker paths, their realities will contain events like natural disasters or wars that bring about their chosen reality. And this will seem perfectly natural to them, because of their beliefs and what they have programmed into the planetary holographic information system. They will look about their world, look at each other, and say, “You see, we told you so! It’s just what we thought would happen!” And they will be right. And they will be perfectly happy with that reality, because that is the reality they have chosen to experience. And vice-versa for those who have chosen more pleasant realities.

So you see, it all fits just perfectly! We look forward to the day when these messages will no longer be necessary. The veil is thinning even as we speak.




Ascension and Multi-dimensional Reality

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 2/22/2011)


Now, what’s the message for this week? Well, it’s all about the concept of Ascension, and dimensional realities. We talk about the earth going from dimension 3 to dimension 4, and Ascension, and different realities or universes within the all-that-is. But what does all this woo-woo stuff mean? Well, it’s a very profound concept that the guys have been telling me a little about lately. I am not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, although I’m reasonably intelligent earthling (RIEs), but these concepts are mind-boggling. We’ve mentioned them briefly on previous shows. 

In theoretical physics there’s the idea of the multiplicity of history theory, in which parallel realities co-exist. When you make a choice you may have two or three options, and the idea is that all of these options are possible. So there are three possible parallel realities created, and all of them exist as a probability, but the choice you make places you in one of them and you don’t get to see the other two because you aren’t in them. This leads to the idea that time is linear and that there are a multiplicity of time-lines sort of walled off from each other, each going their separate ways. Bill Brockbrader talked about that in the interviews he did with Kerry Cassidy: that timeline 1 is the higher reality we are headed for, and that timeline 2 is the darker reality that the crazy NWO types want us to go down. But in reality, it’s much more simple, more complicated, and more sophisticated!

There is the physics idea of superposition, in which multiple wavelengths or systems can coexist simultaneously, right on top of each other .We’ve talked about that in previous shows, using a Photoshop analogy where you could theoretically have billions of layers for one image, and you could go into any one of them to see a particular reality. That’s a pretty good analogy, but the truth is even cooler than that. Here’s what I’ve been getting from the guys, and I’ll try to explain it as best I can.

Imagine that that the earth is a holographic information system that exists within a grand sea of vibration. Your individual vibrational orientation determines PRECISELY what is real. All of us on earth agree on a whole lot of stuff: that a mountain is a mountain and that a horse is a horse and that the sun is yellow and all of that. These agreements then manifest because each one of us has accepted certain parameters: certain information. The collection of these data points creates a collection of vibrational frequencies, which in turn determines how we see the world. The important point here is that when you change your mind about something, or adopt a different belief or viewpoint, you change your personal collection of data points. And that literally changes the reality you perceive. So all of us are running around on earth like little reality programmers: we literally determine which dimensional reality we experience. And the all-that-is is so sophisticated that it smoothly creates these possibilities, these realities, so that you can personally travel with the earth, and humanity, and everything on the earth, in and out of these dimensional realities.

OK so here’s a crude example: An earthquake with seismic strength 7.3 occurs in California, in dimension 3.6113.  In dimension 3.6114, the earthquake is at 6.6 on the Richter scale.  In dimension 3.6115, the earthquake is 5.9 on the Richter scale, and so on up the dimensions. At dimension 3.620, however, there is no earthquake. But wait a minute, geologists in dimension 3.6113 are almost certain that an earthquake is going to happen at that location. So how come it didn’t? How come the planet Niburu didn’t come close to earth and wreck everything like it was supposed to? How come WW III didn’t start during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and in the early 80’s when tensions were very high in certain quarters? How come the NWO types haven’t been able to start WW III in the middle east between Iran and Israel?

Well, because those of us listening to the show right now have made certain decisions about what we want to experience, and we have travelled to a slightly higher dimension where these events did not take place. In other words, we created a whole set of probable realities, and our decisions have collapsed the probability function so that all of us experience things in a certain way. And we can continue to do that, because the system responds dynamically to our every thought and desire. If enough people make positive decisions, we can literally send spaceship earth to a different dimensional reality. All of these realities coexist vibrationally: each of the dimensions we talked about is potentially real. Each of them has an information system and a set of vibrations connected with them, and the strength of that reality is determined by free will decisions of all who participate. Do those other dimensions actually exist, and are there multiple YOU’s in each one of them? The strength of each reality is determined by the kinds of choices we make, and how powerful they are, and how many make the same decisions. The idea is that we can literally flow in and out of the dimensions, smoothly, making one more powerful, and others less powerful.

Now comes the crux of the message, which we mentioned briefly in previous shows: those who have agendas and want to create a specific reality have only one tool: persuasion. Consciousness, self-awareness, is non-physical in origin, and always has free will. You cannot coerce an immortal, non-physical being! But you CAN convince an immortal, non-physical being in a body that he or she is a piece of hamburger. You can convince people of all sorts of irrational things, and it has been discovered over the centuries that if you simply repeat something, no matter how crazy it is, over and over ,people will start to believe it. In the old days before mass media, you had to use force a lot more: you had to create an army and physically conquer territory, and then convince the population that they were all subject to the New Rules, as Bill Maher calls them. But nowadays you use propaganda, advertising, psy-ops, and other sorts of  persuasion techniques. And the entire purpose of this is to get YOU to change your OWN mind.

That’s it: that’s the underlying secret to planet earth and why we have been living the way we have for millennia. We have simply allowed others to manipulate our belief systems/information systems, and that has continuously placed us in a lower dimensional reality. We’ve been hovering around dimension 3.5 for a long time, sometimes we’ve gone much higher, as in the time of Atlantis, and much lower, like during the Inquisition. But now there are so many people on the planet that sheer numbers of incarnated beings are creating a sort of critical mass of consciousness.

This has been the basic explanation of the guys since we started this show over 4 years ago. Inevitably, a collection of 7 billion people is going to create a vibrational increase, just like when you put a pot of cold water on the stove and the molecules of H2O heat up and expand.

So how do these various realities and potentials coexist?  Well,  we are going to understand that a lot better as 2012 unfolds and more information is released. But imagine the beautiful planet earth floating through space, in a bubble of possibility. As we change our belief systems,  the earth is constantly throwing off possible realities. Some of these realities vanish quickly into the all-that-is, just like a piano note that is struck on the piano key. If you never hit that note again the sound disappears, although it never completely goes away. But if you continually create it, that vibration stays very strong and continues to manifest. That’s important!

Nothing that has ever been created totally disappears. Creation is forever, in other words. There’s a probability function associated with it. With every reality there’s a probability function. The ones that become ‘real” to you are the ones you are in agreement with. All this means is that you are continually creating your own set of information, your own set of data points, and that determines what you experience.

So, no possible reality, no matter how vague, ever goes away. It’s accessible. It may be almost unreachable, but the point is, that if you can get people to agree to it, it will become more and more probable. That’s what the NWO guys and the Satanists have been doing. They’ve gotten hold of some ET technology,. They’ve developed some fantastic stuff like anti-gravity, time travel, energy from the vacuum, and all of the things you’ve read about in science fiction stories. And they have developed sophisticated psychological techniques or persuasion. And they’ve used that technology to convince us that a few thousand of them are invincible. That their agenda is going to manifest no matter what we do. That you can’t THINK your way to a different reality. WRONG!!! People,  that’s the key!!!

The point is, the very important point is, that it’s not their advanced technology that is responsible for the reality we find ourselves in. It’s the fact that we have agreed to their agenda. That’s it folks! That’s the secret. These fellows can have all the advanced technology they want, and even herd us into prison camps if we agree to it. But if all of us decided that we didn’t want that reality, we would literally move up a few dimensional basis points. Events would that occur that would seem perfectly natural, and all of us would get released and things would change. What events would occur? Well, that’s only a probability because the system is non-linear. It’s dynamic. It is constantly changing based on the choices we make. Do you get it? Individuals and the collective literally have the power to move ourselves up and down the dimensional pathways. Actually they aren’t pathways, they are sets of probability functions that then collapse into a certain reality. That reality is just a collection of all of the information systems and data points that have been decided upon by every individual on the planet.

I have this image of the earth creating/sending off potential realities every second, and it’s really cool. All of them smoothly coexist. If you are in a low enough dimension, like we are, you never know you are  travelling through or creating these potential realities. You just don’t. That’s why it’s so difficult and exciting to raise yourself up by your bootstraps. But when you hit a high enough dimension, you get to see more clearly how this process works. You understand it. And that is how beings in higher dimensions can, if they are a little nutty and want to control beings in a lower dimension, can do it.

But the amazing thing is that impulse only exists within a narrow dimensional band. Don’t ask me what the dimensional parameters are, I don’t know yet. Maybe it’s only between dimension 3.5 and dimension 3.9 that you can have beings that want to do this. It’s pretty degraded actually. But the point is that everyone has free will. If you are a nutcase in dimension 3.1 and you know that the planet is going to inevitably, some time in the next 5,000 years, accelerate to a higher dimension, you might make a plan to counter that move. You might decide to organize humanity in a certain way, say through banking and finance, and the control of money and credit. You might be really, really smart, and maybe even have the assistance of some degraded ET races from a higher dimension like dimension 3.7, who will assist you in designing a brilliant plan for domination and control, a plan where a few thousand can dominate the billions. And hey, if it doesn’t work out, you’ll have had some fun for a while (I say fun in a degraded sense) . And you know, it almost worked!

But it couldn’t work really because consciousness, and everything physical, is based on love and well-being. Evil and hatred are subsets of love. The underlying vibration of the universe , the OM, is love. All realities are subsets of that vibe. Why? Because true love is infinite allowing. If you love someone unconditionally you don’t want to limit them in any way, you rejoice in their freedom, even when their choices give you pain. You understand that the being has to make his or her own choices and find himself or herself. Parents everywhere know about this, and some of them even understand it.

So that’s the message this week: you create your own reality. But that woo-woo statement actually has a basis in the laws of the universe. It’s a lot more sophisticated than I can even imagine, although I’m getting some really cool images of how different realities can be created. People who understand quantum physics probably have a much better understanding of these concepts. But really folks, we won’t understand them completely until we get a little further along in our dimensional travels. And that will happen at some point if we continue to create a positive reality. We can move past the potentials of earthquakes and planetary pollution and NWO and God knows what else, simply by continuing to create the highest reality possible. THAT is our greatest insurance against the dark forces, because again, the ONLY power thy have is the power to get us to change our own minds.

The guys tell me they are looking forward to the time when this show will be off the air because we will have made a dimensional shift, and all of us will have become aware of these ideas and we won’t need to “channel” anymore, because all of us will be connected with Spirit.

That sounds like a good plan to me. Let’s DO it!!!




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