Are you looking for material that unites the spiritual, the material, and common sense?

Are you looking for clear, understandable explanations for how life works, without a lot of fluff or confusing jargon?

The Complete Library

The Complete Library is a blending of science, mathematics, common sense, and metaphysics  that makes sense of a world that often seems to be going crazy. It 11 eBooks (for a complete list, scroll down the page).

"About a month or two ago I purchased your package of material [The Complete Library]. I just wanted to personally thank you for your work and dedication to these topics which are so dear to my heart. Your books are awesome."
 —Chuck Miller, St. Louis
"Your writings blow me away. I started delving into New Thought Philosophy, Science of Mind, and Self Help about 5 yrs ago. I read like a maniac and have covered many many books and no one's work has been as practical and emotionally uplifting as yours. Thanks a million."
 —Tekoa Coleman, California
"I want you to know how great your book is! I have been aware of Esther and Jerry Hicks for years now (and Abraham), and your exposition of the Law of Attraction was the best I have ever exaggeration!"
 —David Banner, PhD.
"Learning the ways of the universe has been a passion of mine for almost longer than I can remember. I think my first word must have been "why?" and the better portion of every day since has been spent in a quest to learn more. So suffice it to say I've read a book or two on the subject in my time. And many, I must say, have ended up being tossed across the room with a plaintive cry of disgust, with me feeling cheated for having spent money on either outright horse hockey or childish drivel. Not so with yours. It was not only well written, but left me feeling wiser and more powerful for having read it."
— Kate Nowak,  Texas.  Writer, graphics designer, creator of the "May You be Blessed" movie

You don't have to be a genius to begin to get your life going the way you want.

Am I a genius? No. It took me a long time to figure this out.

I'm 64 years old and I've always been interested in science, religion, and metaphysics. I have always been mystified why they have been so separated. So I decided to investigate.

After almost 40 years (and a lot of borrowing from other people) I've come up with answers that make sense and workable principles that can be applied successfully in life.

When I discovered WHY science and religion were almost diametrically opposed, it blew my mind. I discovered that the divorce of these two vitally important subjects depends on  only one thing: the definition of consciousness.

The main reason for the separation of science, religion, and spirituality is an incorrect definition of consciousness.

This might seem esoteric and airy-fairy, but it's not! Consciousness is self-awareness. It's YOU. But nobody seems to know what consciousness is or where it comes from. Whenever there is a fundamental confusion about something, it leads to big problems.

Look at planet earth. It certainly appears that our species is missing something, does it not?  We are confused on the most basic, fundamental level, because we've forgotten who we are.

How can you get on successfully  in life when you don't even know who you are? It's like taking a test without reading the material. It's like trying to play a game when you don't even know the rules.

When consciousness is defined correctly, science, religion and metaphysics come together like ice cream and chocolate. And when that happens, you discover your personal power source!

The schooling and job training we receive does not prepare us for LIFE, HAPPINESS, and PROSPERITY. That's why you're here, reading this -- because there's something MISSING!  You know it, you've known it all along. Think of all the time you spent in school, hoping you'd hear something about how to have a good relationship, or how to find happiness, or how to have lots of money.

That's why you've read all those self-help books, attended seminars, and searched the net looking for truth. The truth is that all persons are individually empowered. Every human being individually interfaces with what I call the operating system of the universe. The universe's operating system, like a computer, has certain rules you have to follow in order to get it to work. Otherwise you are fumbling about  with no clue what you're doing. HOW that operating system works is the subject of my e-Books.

When you know what they are and how to use them
  • Life becomes simpler.
  • Life becomes demystified.
  • The unexplainable and irrational actions of people suddenly begin to make more and more sense. Where once there was anger and frustration, there is now compassion and understanding.
  • You begin to experience more and more clarity of thought, which leads to greater and greater self confidence.
  • You can't be fooled anymore, because your understanding of LIFE is so much higher.
  • You just feel better about yourself and success seems easily within your grasp.
  •  Relationships are easier to attract and maintain, because you understand yourself and others a whole lot better.
It turns out that there are five fundamental universal principles.

I've written down these five universal principles, along with plenty of easy to understand examples,  in a book called The Vibrational Universe, the flagship book in the package.

"Honestly, before I read your book, I had read a lot of other books that basically put a band-aid on a gunshot wound; but your book went right to the core of things, and ever since, my life has gotten better and better. I believe in my heart that a book such as yours is needed in the law enforcement & military community."
-- Shelton, police officer
"The Vibrational Universe is one of the best books I've ever read on the law of attraction.  Ken explains its principles in a way that anyone can understand and relate to."
–– Barb Melloh
"I highly recommend this book to people who are really serious about doing the work that needs to be done to regain their personal power."
--- Paige Lovitt, Reader Views  ‘Book Reviews for readers, by readers.’
"Ken, you've written ‘my’ book – thank you. All that you are sharing in The Vibrational Universe reflects my life experiences, too – great synchronicity."
–– Karl Jacobs PhD
"I began reading when home recovering from cancer surgery. I have been looking at my life in some different terms since beginning your book. And I continue to evolve in thought each page further. So many of the principles you describe and tenets of those principles truly resonate with me and then I know I am on to something "enlightening." I can't thank you enough for creating "Life's little Instruction Book", which is what I endearingly call your book."
––Sharon Neil, California
Included in this 11 eBook package is What Do You Do...When All Hell Breaks Loose?

This eBook answers the question "Why does a desire for improvement often lead to the exact opposite result?"

 There is a perfectly understandable reason for this. Once you understand WHY things go wrong, you can not only extricate yourself from problems, but avoid future problems.

"What Do You Do... tells you how overcome life's roadblocks and gain more positive control over your life.


Do you want to have more money?

Of course you do. Now ask yourself, "Do I know what money is?"
"Of course I know what money is, stupid. It's dollars."

Is it?

'Dollar' is just the name of the official currency in the United States and other countries, the  medium that allows the exchange of goods and services. The dollar itself, however, does not represent anything of value. Why then is it accepted in exchange for valuables?

The answer to that question requires a deeper look at what money really is.


Book three of this collection, What Is Money?, gives you a brief history of money and identifies the underlying principles behind it. Once you understand these, money itself becomes demystified, and it seems a lot simpler to get more of it!

"Your material beats anything else I have ever read, blending science, spirituality and common sense.. Beautifully written ...."
--Anonymous, UK
"I'm a fairly avid reader. I love books that teach me new ideas and things I can use to make me better. What I liked most about Ken's writing isn't the great subject matter, although it is. And it isn't his solid writing style, even though it's wonderful. It isn't even how easily his thoughts flow. What I enjoy most about his writing is he writes from experience. It's a feeling that he's talking about something he's living right now. Something so amazing he had to share it with everyone! And when I read a book written that way, I feel I can have what he has. I can do it and that's empowering."
-- Lucy Spinetti, Tewsbury Massachusetts
Also included in this 11 eBook package:

Opening to Source

Dialogues Conversations with My Higher Self

I Love You Dad

Is there such a thing as 'higher consciousness'?

Do non-corporeal beings really exist?

The answer is yes, and yes.

Consciousness is not biologically based. When your body dies, YOU live on. That is a logical outcome of the fact that matter cannot create matter. The existence of the material universe itself requires a non-physical, animating and creative principle. The animating principle has been known for thousands of years by every culture in history. It has been called life force, prana, chi, Ka, and many other names. Only during the last century has our emphasis on science divorced the spiritual from the material.

Is is possible to contact non-physical beings?

The answer is yes again. Consciousness is non-physical, therefore, non corporeal personalities exist. It's entirely logical!

Both of these books are an account of my personal opening to higher consciousness, and contain inspirational messages about the true nature of human beings, and what it's like on the 'other side.' These books place an entirely new, refreshing, and positive perspective on life on earth.  

Bonus material:

How To Channel

"I got my copies of Dialogues and The Vibrational Universe today and they are amazing - I haven't been able to put them down. Thank you so much for writing and publishing these - they are brilliant!"
-- Julia Finan, UK
"I have personally read all of Neale Donald Walsch’s great books and the full Abraham series recorded and written by Jerry and Esther Hicks, and I am fully satisfied with this new great book called Dialogues – Conversations with my Higher Self by Kenneth James Michael MacLean. What I have found is that this new book is a bit deeper and asks questions not previously asked by the other Authors. I could “feel” the positive energy through his writing and channeling of the Higher Non-physical Energies and know, without a doubt, that the answers he received are totally correct. (I have a Ph.D. in Metaphysics, Philosophy, and Counseling and have worked as a professional psychic astrologer/spiritual counselor for over 25 years. So you can believe me when I tell you that the energies he was channeling are the Highest Non-physical Energies and the answers he was receiving are as close to the truth as it gets!)...I had a hard time putting this book down and you will want to read it bit by bit, chapter by chapter and see how it all “feels” to you. I am sure you will come to the same conclusion that I have…This is one FANTASTIC BOOK and I have totally enjoyed reviewing it! A+++!"
-- Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas Ph.D
"I had to take the time and email you this message. I have read just about every new age, self-help, spiritual etc... book that is out there. I have taken bits and pieces from all of them but, there always seems to be something missing for me. The closest that I have gotten to the truth and a book that has really changed my perspective was the "Ask and it is Given" book by Hicks. Even then I felt that there still was something missing. Well, last night I received my magnetic newsletter and in there was a link to your ebook "Dialogue with your higher self".  I actually had a paradigm shift when I was reading your work. This book has been the only book that has really made sense of everything and gives you a crash course in life 101. I've been waiting for this material for years. I really want to read your second version of it asap. But, I just wanted to let you know how happy I was to have read your work. Thank you, Dave"
"I finished reading [the Dialogues] after 2 shifts of 6 hours. I suddenly woke up to the understanding about consciousness, knowing thyself, and self-responsibility… after reading the dialogues, I woke up and realized SO WHAT if I'm part of the illusion - I'm going to get my act together and face up to my life. Since then I have turned to my inner landscape and started taking responsibility for every little thing that I manifest."
––Tristram Forrest–Brown, UK
 "I've been heavily involved with spiritual and mystical groups, philosophies and ideas for more than 30 years. In all that time, I have rarely, if ever, come across a book as insightful, thought-provoking and genuinely brilliant as Dialogues - Conversations With My Higher Self by Ken MacLean.
"Following in the footsteps of masterful reality creation teachers such as Abraham and Seth, Ken's own non-physical teachers have pushed the boundaries of leading-edge thought further back than ever before.  "Dialogues" contains so many dazzling gems of wisdom that you often find yourself having to take a break from the text to just bask in the light of universal truth that shines so brightly from within these pages. This wonderful book rates as one of my all-time favorites and I, personally, have no doubt that it is destined to become one of the world's great metaphysical classics."
-- Simon Templeton  PsiTek

Collected Essays

Contains all of the Big Picture essays in one book!
Over 70 articles on the Law of Attraction, consciousness, and the practical application of universal principles to all aspects of daily life.
"Thank you. Your life and your work has changed my life. I am truly grateful."
-- Stephen Green
"After years of reading books, attending workshops, studying spirituality...I have rediscovered and reconnected to my TRUE SELF and finally understood what I had already been reading about for such a long time. Somehow, your books gave me that true understanding, comprehension and realization that I was looking for."
-- Patricia Dubois
"I must say that I am quite impressed with the information you present on your website...The information you present offers a new perspective to both the newcomer and the experienced \"spiritual seeker\" to challenge their traditional or current way of thinking and increase their knowledge. Your presentation is excellent."
-- Arthur B.

The human body is surrounded by a field of subtle energy that is 24 feet in diameter

It's called the MerKaBa and it is your personal vehicle of consciousness. In the coming generations, mankind will discover that the MerKaBa is actually a multidimensional lightship that can take your awareness anywhere in the universe. Beyond the Beginning is about this discovery and the potentials of consciousness.

Earth –– an isolated planet in the Desert, off all galactic trade and communication routes.

Earth –– an ancient planet, teeming with life in astonishing diversity, yet hidden within a nondescript solar system with a single commonplace star, a yellow dwarf, G2V on the Main Sequence.

Deep within the fabric of the cosmos, the completion of a 15 billion year cycle is imminent. Even within the illustrious civilization of the Twelve Galaxies, only a few of the greatest minds even suspect such a thing. Soon, all eyes will turn toward earth, for it will be a primary player in the universal drama that is, even as you read these words, now unfolding.

And two young people, social misfits both, are to play prominent roles in this cosmic drama… 

Read Beyond the Beginning for a startling and inspirational answer to the question of the origin of the universe, and of consciousness itself.  

Solid Geometry from a broader perspective

Are you interested in sacred geometry?
Do you want to know how the basic structures that form the basis for our physical world are put together?

Geometry is the most fundamental subject in the universe, for it describes the relationship between all things

A Geometric Analysis of the Platonic Solids and other Semi-Regular Polyhedra

goes inside the mind of nature and shows you how she constructs some of the most important underlying shapes that compose the material universe. These structures are found in crystals, viruses, and chemical compounds.

"Dear Ken: Received your Geometry book this weekend, and it is really a very interesting, and also fascinating book. This complex solid geometry is presented in such an understanding format"
Robert Sebrosky, Charlotte, NC
I've also included two timeless classics by Wallace Wattles:

The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Being Great

While some of the people he refers to in his examples are now historical figures, the author's words are still very powerful.
I am presenting them to you unaltered, in newly typeset editions. Not one word in these two wonderful books have been changed.

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