The human race right now is fighting a battle of dark versus light that will determine our fate for the next 10,000 years. That is what this collection of books is all about.

The Old Soul

The metaphysical / esoteric history of the earth for the past 200,000 years

The Old Soul follows the lives of Wa-hee, an original soul on the planet who began his/her journey 200,000 years ago, when humanity was a race of hominids, to the present day.

Wa-hee incarnates as a man and a woman over and over again, trying to uplift the consciousness of humanity -- the newest race in the galaxy.

If you are reading this you are probably an Old Soul. This is your story.

Tesla's Lost Notebook

Nikola Tesla was the world's greatest inventor. In 1943 his personal notebook was stolen.

Tesla wrote down schematics for advanced inventions in his personal notebook, which disappeared from the Office of Alien Property in 1943 when all of his work was confiscated by the United States government.

Max Berglin, a former Lockheed scientist, discovers it. Then the world changes forever.

Every human being is surrounded by a 24-foot sphere of subtle energy called the MerKaBa

The Mer-ka-ba is the interdimensional vehicle depicted by Egyptian and other Eastern religions. It has also been described (some say) by Ezekiel, in the Bible. This craft, which is an incredibly sophisticated template of dynamically interacting fields of light, is capable of carrying consciousness to higher dimensions.

The merkaba is activated by specific protocols, long known within the 5 billion year old civilization of the Twelve Galaxies. Only distorted fragments of the full procedure exist on earth. What remains of this true knowledge has been hidden away in mystery schools, and only recently uncovered. But the procedures now taught on earth are a pitiful and distorted relic of the true power of these ancient protocols....

Like a sophisticated aircraft, the sphere of consciousness can be activated. Within it are complex geometries of subtle energy, each performing a specific function. When these geometries are understood and activated, the human spirit is freed from the confines of the body and an entire universe of experience opens up.

On the widest possible canvas, Beyond the Beginning answers the questions "What is the relationship of consciousness to the physical universe?"

"What is the life cycle of the universe?" and

"What is God?" in a surprising, inspiring, and thought provoking manner.

What if the universe is just a sophisticated holographic illusion?

The Holographic Principle tells us that all of the information necessary to describe a physical system lies on the two-dimensional boundary of that system. Somewhere out in space lies that boundary.

When the brilliant but troubled cosmologist Dr. Jack Martins built the world's first spherical hologram, he created a 3 dimensional image that was so real, it scared the daylights out of an assembled panel of scientists, politicians, and media in Washington DC

Further research enabled him to prove the validity of the Holographic Principle, which states that the reality of our 3 dimensional universe can be described on a 2 dimensional boundary.

With his spherical holograms, Dr. Martins demonstrated that the universe we see through our telescopes might not really exist-- that it might just be a very real, very sophisticated illusion!

Dr. Martins was pilloried as a kook, until an astronomical event occurred that blew the minds of every single person on earth...

Why has the human race for 5,000 years constantly fought and warred upon itself?

Dark versus Light

When an exotic airborne bioenhancer is covertly shipped to four major cities for secret testing in a rogue black program, the well-connected Holderness Parkinson, a former intelligence field agent, discovers that in one out of ten cases the biomaterial completely wipes out disease and creates perfect health. However, it also kills nine out of every ten persons exposed to it!

Parkinson soon discovers that a private network is behind the manufacture of the bioenhancer. The problem is that the rogue group, with above-top-secret access, plans to distribute it to classified facilities around the world, and release it on an uninformed public.

Parkinson discovers that behind the private network, deep within the bowels of the hidden black programs, are extraterrestrials with fantastic gene-altering technology. And no one knows when the bioenhancer will be released on an unsuspecting world...

Bonus Book: Do You Believe in Miracles?

Miracles Can Happen

Does wisdom only come with age? Is it possible to love again?

When Frank Martin lost his wife Leah to a sudden illness, he was angry at the doctors and at life. His 8 year old daughter, Amanda, worried that her father would sink into another depression.

Then one night, two weeks after her mother's death, Amanda had a vivid dream. A beautiful angel spoke to her about her father, her departed mother, and about life and death.

The beautiful and lonely Linda Parker began to pursue Frank. His heart reached out to her, but he knew it was wrong: even though she was dead, his love was for Leah alone.

Through his anger and sadness, Frank began to rely more and more on his daughter for emotional support. He noticed that the little girl began to say and do things no 8 year old could possibly know.

Discover how the power of love can inspire you and change your life.


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