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The Path to Personal Power
4 eBooks
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The Potentials of Consciousness Series
3 eBooks
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Opening to Source
4 eBooks
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Fiction for a New World
6 eBooks
A New Paradigm of Thought
8 eBooks
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The Complete Library
11 eBooks
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Softcover Books

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The Vibrational
The Vibrational Universe Universe -- soft cover
Dialogues - Conversations with my Higher Self -- soft cover
Geometry Book -- Go inside the mind of nature! soft cover
Tesla's Lost Notebook (SF novel) softcover
The Old Soul (SF novel) softcover
The History of the Future (SF novel) softcover
The End of the Universe (SF novel) softcover
Beyond the Beginning (SF novel) softcover
The Manchild (SF novel) softcover
Miracles Can Happen -- soft cover
I Love You Dad softcover

Movies and Multimedia Products

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The Vibrational Universe Movie

Understanding the universe's vibrational nature simplifies life's complexities

The Unity of Spirit and Matter Movie

Go back in time...before the beginning of the universe!

The Evolution of Consciousness Movie

Interview With Spirit

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The Interview With Spirit Show Weekly Messages: The Complete Transcripts, 2007 to 2014

Special Subjects 1 - 8

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Special Subjects 9 - 21

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The Keys to Deliberate Creation Course

Tired of Law of Attraction marketing hype? Well, so am I!

Discover the fundamental keys to deliberate creation in this no-gimmick, practical course that aligns you to success before you waste a lot of time and effort!

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