Nikola Tesla was the world's greatest inventor

In 1943 his personal notebook was stolen

Tesla's Lost Notebook

The Genius Inventor

Nikola Tesla has at least 278 patents in 26 countries and is generally acknowledged as the world’s greatest inventor.

Tesla wrote down schematics for advanced inventions in his personal notebook, which disappeared from the Office of Alien Property in 1943 when all of his work was confiscated by the United States government.

These inventions were so far ahead of his time that they could not be appreciated by a world that only wanted light bulbs, toasters, and telephones.

Tesla's Personal Notebook is Recovered

Max Berglin, former Lockheed scientist, finds the long lost personal notebook of the genius inventor.

During the latter part of his life Tesla perfected devices for the wireless transmission of power, beam weaponry, and the harnessing of cosmic energy from the quantum vacuum.

These technologies have been suppressed because of their frightening power and the potential for their misuse by terrorists and opportunists.

Max develops a device based on Tesla’s work that can take energy directly from the zero-point energy field. The backlash begins a conflict that changes the world.

Over 70 years after his death, can the discoveries of Tesla now be accepted in our modern world dominated by a fossil fuel empire?


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