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The Human Energy field (and other speculative concepts) 

Before the creation of the universe, there was an awareness -- for it is impossible to create something without having a Creator! The Creator, we will say, is a pure potential -- a quality, not a quantity.
Something that is aware is, at the very least, able to think. Since the creator of such a complex, infinite, well ordered and beautiful universe must itself possess these qualities, we give the Creator of the universe the benefit of the doubt and call It sane, rational, and joyful. Therefore, the intended experience for any conscious being anywhere must be one of joy, for all consciousness everywhere is an aspect or extension of an infinite intelligence.

This infinite intelligence  was aware before anything physical was created, and It perceived Itself as totally fulfilled and blissful in itself (otherwise we must postulate the Creator as considering Itself as something less than perfect. Human beings are very good at this sort of self-limiting and delusional thought, but the awareness that brought forth the universe is probably a little brighter than that!) So we say that before the universe existed there was, not a Nothing, but an Everything. See "The Creation of a Universe" for more on this concept.

Figure 1
We represent the awareness which created the universe as a perfectly white canvas -- since white is a combination of all colors.
Of course, our representation of Everything has boundaries,  and there are no boundaries yet. There is no freedom  either, for in order to conceive of the concept of freedom, there has to be something limiting! It seems paradoxical that freedom cannot exist without limitation, but that is the truth. In fact, existence itself is based on the idea of duality, or opposites.

The First Thought

A universe must have  space, whether physical or conceptual. The  creation of universes starts first with a thought.  By a thought, I mean the idea of something different from the thinker. This process of thinking a thought different from the thinker automatically creates a particle or energy packet, because the thought is, by definition, something discrete. Once a thinker created a thought, a universe was born, for there is now a point outside of itself to view. The First Thought (different from the thinker) was an explosion of cognition for the thinker. At once the First Thought brought about the ideas of  creation, existence, separateness, otherness,  space, distance,  communication, potential, actual ('real'),  identification, and self-awareness.  The First Thought was shocking and exhilarating to the thinker, for it contained within it the concept of something NOT[the thinker]. Heretofore all was the thinker.  It is impossible to explain the explosive significance to a being when this is first realized.  The concept  of existence is a revelation.


Figure 1.

First there is A, a pure quality or awareness, but nothing outside of it. Pure awareness is complete within itself.

When A has a thought, by conceiving that there may be something other-than-itself, it creates a space between A and B. As this process is repeated, a universe may come into being.

Actually, A does not really 'exist', before the First Thought, because it is pure potential. After the First Thought, B is created, and so pure awareness can perceive itself as different from B and thus conceive of itself as existing, separate from B. Thus is born the very important concept of differentiation.

Here we have the idea of 'something from nothing,' a complete intellectual contradiction. We say that the creative principle (consciousness) is able to map a quanta from the virtual, non-physical realm, into the 'physical,' thus creating space and the capability of perception. The physical universe is then just the set of perceivable creations of the thinker.


Figure 2 -- First Thought. All thought is alive; internally in motion, because it proceeds from consciousness. It has a unique vibrational identity.

We might liken a thought to a  particle like the photon, which has no mass, but non-zero momentum, given in physics by hv / c, where c is the speed of light, v is the frequency of the photon, and h is Planck's constant, referred to in the physics literature as the fundamental constant of nature. Or perhaps a thought may be considered as having just the tiniest bit of mass, something so tiny that it can be regarded as (almost!) a pure potential. Regardless, a thought, like a photon, has existence. Whether or not it has mass, a photon is the basic unit (quantum) of  electromagnetic radiation (light), which we can perceive with our eyes and measure with instruments. For the purposes of this discussion (and throughout the rest of these essays) we will refer to a thought as having mass, not because this discussion is in any way rigorous, but because it is easy for people to understand. So when we say a thought has "mass," we mean that it has existence and can be perceived.

We represent the First Thought as something different from the awareness which created it. The First Thought is discrete, separate. It must be separate, otherwise it couldn't exist. Existence, by definition, must be a something, must be a thing that can be recognized for itself. This tells us immediately that everything in existence is unique.


Figure 3 -- Second Thought.


Now we have two particles which MUST have different masses. They have different masses because the particles are discrete. If they were exactly the same they would be the same particle.
This is what is meant when it is said "two particles cannot occupy the same space at the same time." It's just another way of saying, "any two particles must occupy different locations."

Because their masses are different, there is a relationship between them which involves movement. Think of the earth-moon system. The moon does not revolve around the earth -- the earth and moon revolve about each other. The center of gravity of the earth-moon system is somewhere within the earth. In other words, there is a pivot point within the Earth around which the dual-planetary system of the Earth and the Moon rotates. (This pivot point is called the barycenter). Think of dancing. When you twirl your partner about you, you feel a pull from her and she feels a pull from you. Say you both hold hands with arms extended and begin to rotate. Now you are both inextricably tied together, for if one of you lets go, both of you will go flying. The only way to extricate yourself is to stop moving.


But two particles cannot remain motionless relative to each other. There is a slight imbalance owing to their different masses. Both particles will sort of orbit around each other, seeking balance. They can always find a dynamic balance in their dancing around each other, but never one which does not involve movement. Therefore anything which exists is in motion and seeking balance.


Figure 4 -- Any two particles must be in motion relative to each other (and everything else!)

This property of particles/objects/masses is inherent to any universe, and is of crucial importance. It is the bedrock principle for the Law of Vibration.

Anything which exists is slightly out of balance relative to all other things that exist.

It is this inherent imbalance which generates potential energy to power the universe, and which provides the impetus for growth.

We can phrase this more positively and state, All things which exist are seeking perfect balance.


crystal lattice
Figure 5 -- crystal lattice. Here the atoms in the lattice have come together in a symmetrical structure. But the individual atoms are still vibrating internally, and between themselves.

Perfect harmony cannot exist within any universe, for perfect harmony is a quality of pure awareness and requires perfect peace; a static state of utter perfection which can never be attained in a physical universe of matter and energy.

We say our two particles have "mass" but what does that really mean? Mass is a property of something that can be perceived by our human senses. It is just another way of saying "this particle exists." So we will avoid philosophical debate and just say that the two particles are created thoughts which are NOT the creator. Since they exist, they have mass. The awareness which created the two particles we will say always was  and is outside of time, for time is perceived as the movement of objects and the Creator existed before there were objects.

Now we ask the question, "What is the intended orientation, or mode of experience, for consciousness participating in a physical universe?" We say the universe must inherently be one of well being, because, firstly, it is so well ordered, and secondly, we admit that the Creator is a sane and reasonable being, and would not create a universe in which the inherent nature of experiencing within it was uncomfortable. In fact, we say that any rational being, when creating something for it to experience, would naturally create it in the most joyous, positive, and blissful way. We give the Creator of the universe the benefit of the doubt and state unequivocally that It is sane, rational, and full of joy; and so the universe has been created with the intention of being a wonderful place in which to experience. So consciousness, in its inherent positive experience of itself, created the universe as a mirror image to its own awareness of itself.
The first two particles were created accompanied by a feeling of exhilaration and excitement! And so too for the rest of the universe.

You might say, "Well if the universe is such a benign place, try walking out of a spaceship without a spacesuit!"

The universe has been designed as a place for consciousness to have as many experiences as possible, because it sure would be boring to always have to do the same things over and over. Like going to Uncle Harold's and watching an exciting game of shuffleboard, accompanied by tiresome and embellished anecdotes of the 'good old days.'
In order to have different experiences, there must be different environments. So the universe is a place of contrast. We don't want to invalidate the worth of something because we have placed ourselves in an environment for which our bodies were not designed. So we wear a spacesuit.


Time is the perceived motion of particles/objects relative to the observer.

Time does not exist until there are objects to perceive.

Time is therefore an inherent property of any universe, for all objects in any universe must be in motion.



Figure 6 -- Time is just the perceived motion of objects in relation to each other and to the observer.

Having said that, we now must say the opposite!

For all of us have experienced time dragging, or flying. Two people can be in the same environment and be experiencing time completely differently. For example, Joe drags his girlfriend to a football game. Joe is quite happy seeing the players flying around the field, but Barb is bored out of her mind. They are sitting next to each other so they see the field from the same frame of reference, yet for Joe the whole thing is over way too soon. For Barb the experience was interminable.
So although time is intimately connected with the motion of objects in space, it is not experienced the same way by everyone. Why not?

Well, we said that time is the perceived motion of objects. In other words, although we are immersed in the physical universe, consciousness itself is senior to the universe. Time is not an inherent property of consciousness, for consciousness is a quality, not a quantity. It is possible to experience time by looking out at the universe. But when a person experiences pure bliss, or joy, or some enlightened state, time may slow down or disappear altogether. (Athletes sometimes experience a slowdown of time and a heightened connection to themselves. It's called being "in the zone.")

When time slows down or disappears one may be involved in physical activity.  However, the degree of time perception is always proportional to the degree of awareness of that pure quality of joy and bliss that is who we are at our core. Have you ever noticed that when "time flies" you are experiencing positive emotion? And when time drags you are experiencing negative emotion.
All positive experiences come from the connection to Source. Which is the same thing as saying, becoming aware of the inner or greater you.
Discussions of time always leave consciousness out of the equation, even though it is the senior datum.

A person is more intelligent when he or she is happy. If you don't believe this, observe yourself and others. You'll find that intelligence is directly proportional to how good you feel. Clear-mindedness doesn't come when  you feel rotten!

Time is considered by some to be a separate dimension, and this leads us to conclude that it is possible to travel backward and forward in time.  We may go back and murder our mother, for example, and create an intellectual paradox, for we must now be dead. Such impossibilities always arise when there is a flawed premise. Since it's impossible for us to be dead after we have killed our mother, then perhaps it is not possible to do so.

We know that every particle in the universe is in motion.  The earth rotates on its axis as it orbits about the sun, but the sun and the solar system are themselves rotating around the middle of the Milky Way galaxy. The universe itself is expanding, and all objects within it are traveling on spiral paths.

Figure 7 -- the earth orbits around the sun, but the solar system is itself revolving round the center of the galaxy. So the earth travels on a spiral path through the universe. (This diagram is not an accurate representation, obviously).

One thing we know about the universe, it is never precisely in the same condition from moment to moment. It is in a constant state of change.
On January 14, 1953 at 8:11 AM, the date of mother's birth let's say, every particle in the universe was in a certain position. In order to murder mom, we must have all particles return to their 1953 location and configuration. But that is impossible, for there are an infinity of particles to readjust! Besides, they have all been recycled and recombined. Trying to herd a million cats all by yourself would be trivial in comparison.
We won't get into a big discussion of time right now, but those who believe in time travel postulate parallel universes, or a "multiplicity of history" scenario where every history altering action simply creates another time line. There is a "time dimension" in which one may travel, easily accessing past and future. However, here we get into enormous intellectual gyrations and complexity in order to make everything come out right. There are always more and more universes of matter and energy necessary to supply these new histories. If one considers the enormous number of planets, stars and galaxies in the universe and all of the beings upon them, one realizes that the whole thing soon becomes impossible for even God to manage!  In discussions of this sort it is always a good idea to apply Occam's Razor: the simplest and most elegant explanation is the best. (That reminds me of the time my car wouldn't start one winter weekend. I assigned it to a bad starter, a defective ignition, all sorts of things. A buddy of mine jumped the car while I was inside panicking. "Hey Ken, your battery's dead."

Oops! You always feel like an ass when something like that happens).

The Origin of the Universe

Now lets talk about the origin of the universe. Science says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and that energy is conserved. This leads to a cosmological explanation of the universe as coming forth from a singularity. A singularity is usually defined as a point or region of space with infinite mass density.


But such a singularity is an admitted physical impossibility! We know that we can't have infinite mass density, so such explanations must be rejected. The singularity explanation is formulated to get around the "creationist" viewpoint, which fundamentalist religionists have used to distort and control the mindset and behavior of their followers.


Even if a singularity were possible, and all of the matter and energy of the universe were to be enfolded into a single region of space, we would have to assume a universe in which the Creator has everything all figured out beforehand. The universe is then just ticking down to some inevitable outcome. What's the point of experiencing something when you already know how it's going to turn out?


Other explanations say that the breath of God expands the universe, then contracts it, and the cycle of life begins again. This explanation is elegant, but it has one fatal flaw, for when the inbreath of God occurs, all life is destroyed! Clearly, this must be so, for all of the matter and energy in the universe comes back together. That means all of the planets, stars and galaxies lose their integrity and come together into a blob, annihilating all life within and upon them.
This is clearly irrational and psychotic.




Figure 8 -- All mater and energy in the universe collapsing into a singularity


We will give the Creator a little more credit than that. Surely, the creator of the universe is smart enough to want to keep intact the glorious playground It has already brought forth. Surely It can think of a better way to expand and grow than to periodically destroy everything in existence.
We say, therefore, that the universe is continually expanding and evolving from that which has been created before.


So what have we established so far?


  1. All things in the universe have the inherent property of motion.

  2. All things in the universe seek balance.

  3. The universe is continually expanding, but in a sane and rational manner!

  4. The inherent orientation for experience is well being.


If our two particles are in motion, then there must be some space for them to move around in. What is space, exactly?


Space is the contrasting "nothing" which allows the particles to be something. In other words, when the first particle (or First Thought) was born, there was necessarily a differentiation required in order to make that particle what it is: something with a distinct and unique identity which differentiates it from everything else in the universe.
All existence has the property of polarization or duality built right in!


Space also defines the relationship between our two particles.
When two or more particles associate to become an object, space is created to supply the necessary relationship. In other words, we have two particles and enough "space" to allow those two particles to interact. If we now create a third particle, more space may be needed to allow the new set of relationships. Space is created "on demand" when more particles are created, but it is also altered when any two particles change the relationship between them.
Since all particles are conscious, they respond to consciousness. Therefore it is literally true that a conscious being affects the space he or she is moving through, for by conscious intent, a being may change the relationship between particles.
This effect of consciousness causes manifestation, or a modification of what-is. If we take this concept to its conclusion, we can say that consciousness can literally change the physical laws of matter and energy (or perhaps we should say, draw forth from the inherent properties of matter and energy, different relationships). For example, we all know about the law of gravity. Because all things in the universe seek balance,  there must be a levitational force to balance out the gravitational force. Our science has not yet discovered this force, but it will!




We said earlier that everything in existence is separate unto itself, and that existence has polarization, or duality, built in. However, in our observation and participation in separate-ness, we sometimes identify so strongly with this concept that we consider ourselves, as consciousness, to also be separate!
Matter and energy must necessarily be separate things, with clearly observable characteristics, but consciousness is not so limited.  A person can decide to BE anything he or she wishes, at any time. Consciousness is essentially love, for that is what it feels like to experience your true nature without any blockages, distortions, or resistances which so frequently crop up in day to day living. What I'm trying to say is that the inherent nature of consciousness is a feeling of love, of unity with all things. So consciousness can identify. Identification is simply a focusing of attention on something.  Identifying can get consciousness into difficulties, as we mentioned above.  For example,  Dana wants to be rich and prosperous like her Uncle Harold, but she also knows Harold is a jerk, and has had health problems all his life. So Dana identifies prosperity with illness and inappropriate behavior. She tells herself, "I'd rather be a healthy good person than a decrepit rich bastard."
Consciousness has the ability to identify and differentiate. All that is necessary for Dana is to eliminate the bad qualities she associates with prosperity (differentiating) and identify only with the fun bits!

The Aether

Since every particle is a creation of pure awareness, it has consciousness. It is alive. When we say "particle" we mean a thought. A thought is the fundamental quanta (smallest particle) in any universe. In fact, space is really just the sum total of all of the thoughts that have ever been thought since the First Thought. Because "space" must be created when a thought comes into existence, we see that space is filled with a sea of vibration. It is this vibrational sea which the ancients called the Aether.

Of course, we don't see this soup of vibration with our human senses. We see emptiness, because the vibrational scale level of quanta is far removed from us. 

Just as sound travels by moving molecules of air, so too does vibration activate the aether. The universe is a sea of activity, almost every bit of it removed from the perception of our senses.
Because particles are always in motion relative to one another, the aether is being constantly disturbed.  I have heard a physicist describe a background flux of particles that is constantly in motion, which he called the "quantum particle flux." Apparently there are virtual particles winking into and out of existence at all times, creating a background energy which, if we removed all the matter and energy in the universe, would still be detectable. The ancients called this the OM, or universal vibration which created the universe. I'm revising these consepts a little and calling the OM the sum total of all of the thoughts that have ever been thought. Since every thought is a tiny vibration, the universe has a fundamental vibration as well, sort of like a symphony orchestra which emits an overall sound comprised of the notes of each individual instrument. Multiply that by infinity and you get an idea how vast the universe is!
The great masters who have connected to this OM vibration have described it as complete bliss. So perhaps we might assume that the conductor of the universe knows what He/She is doing!

If the OM is a vibration which results from the thoughts of conscious beings everywhere, then the OM is constantly changing. Or, perhaps, the OM is the fundamental frequency or vibration around which all other vibration is oriented. If the OM is the fundamental vibration of the universe, this tells us that our universe has a particular vibrational orientation. So we would only be able to experience vibrations which are harmonics of the OM. That would mean if the fundamental frequency of the universe is changed, we could have an entirely different universe with entirely different ways of experiencing! Perhaps there are an infinite number of coexisting universes, or parallel universes.

The idea that a thought is the fundamental quanta of the universe may seem ridiculous, for it seems incorrect to say that it has mass. But remember, all particles are in motion. This motion creates a vibration which can be perceived, if you are attuned to it. So "mass" is just something some conscious being somewhere can perceive. Scientists say that all matter and energy is composed of atoms. But what is an atom except a tiny nucleus surrounded by a bunch of furiously rotating electrons? The atom is almost entirely empty space. The electrons are as far removed from the nucleus as are the planets from the sun!

solar system

Figure 9 -- Earth is one of the inner planets, yet it is 93 million miles from the sun.

The atom is 99.999% space, and so we say that the atom (and therefore matter and energy) is essentially a vibration, for the madly spinning electrons create a disturbance in the aether in the form of a wave. (see "Rotation").

A thought can also be considered as a particle that generates a vibration within the aether due to its internal motion. Therefore we can think of a thought as having both the characteristics of a wave and a particle. In other words, every time someone thinks a thought, it "bumps up" against all of the other thoughts in the aether and sends forth a vibration, just as sound travels via molecules of air. The quanta themselves vibrate, interacting with other quanta and creating a background vibration, or OM, which may represent the fundamental frequency(s) of the universe. 

                  A thought is alive and conscious and sends out a vibration.

The aether exists at the level of thought. The aether is the medium through which the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction function.
The aether is the combined thoughts of all consciousness  since the First Thought. It is a medium so refined and so subtle that the instruments of present day science cannot  measure it. For all intents and purposes the aether is invisible, yet it is so sensitive that it can infallibly transmit vibrational signals from one end of the universe to the other.

The Human Energy Field

The Human Energy Field is a cocoon of life force energy that surrounds the body and which contains the design templates for the body and all of its cells and organs. A sketchy description of this field can be found in the books by former NASA scientist Barbara Brennan called "Light Emerging," and "Hands of Light." These are brilliant and groundbreaking books which will hopefully stimulate more research.


Figure 10 -- My conception of  the Human Energy Field (hereafter called HEF)


The HEF is a field of consciousness and it is maintained by the incarnated personality. It is a sphere of life force energy which surrounds the body and provides the life force energy necessary for its maintenance. Cell division, for example, requires energy! Within the HEF are the programmed templates which are responsible for the design and functioning of every cell and organ (not shown).


The decisions (thoughts) and emotions of a person can block or distort the free flow and perfect balance of the meridians of the HEF. (show healthy HEF)


Figure 11 -- Attempting to show some of the meridians of energy within a healthy human energy field. This is a crude diagram, but it shows that in a healthy HEF,  meridians are unblocked and undistorted.
As humans we are completely ignorant of our own HEF and its power to generate perfect health.


The HEF is created when you incarnate into the body. It is a focusing of consciousness in such a way as to generate self awareness and still be associated with the limited sensory equipment of the body, and its narrowly defined volume of space. It is a way to have a very focused, very intense, and very specific set of experiences.


HEF generation
Figure 12 -- Your Human Energy Field is created and maintained by you in every moment, because your consciousness is at the center of it. As you can see, the field constantly refreshes itself, so when a person loses the will to live, the field collapses and the body dies. 
Your human energy field can only be controlled by you!
We will see later on how your thoughts, beliefs and feelings can distort or block the HEF from its job of providing perfect health and  a feeling of complete well-being.

As you can see from this animation, the HEF is a cocoon of life force energy which constantly recycles. The HEF provides the energy and the programming to keep the body running  smoothly at all times. It is the source of the autonomic function. Ask yourself, what keeps your blood flowing? Your lungs breathing in and out? (If you're like me, you don't do a lot of conscious breathing). What keeps the process of cell division going? What takes care of the body while you are asleep?

The Human Energy Field is not isolated. It resides in a sea of consciousness, or life force energy, in which it is always in contact.  This ocean of life force can be called 'universal consciousness', of which individual personalities are aspects or extensions. What I'm saying here is that every one of us are aspects of the Creator. We are all Divine, it's just that some of us recognize this more than others! All of us are connected to Source no matter how lonely we sometimes feel.

The decision to incarnate into a body must start off with a decision by a conscious personality, for the Human Energy Field itself is created by that decision. Everyone on earth has made a free will choice to come here and experience. We can't say "I am a victim because of the circumstances of my birth!" Consciousness is eternal. You were you, before you decided to have a lifetime on earth, and you will be you after you decide to leave. We have to get over this silly idea that "you only go around once." That is a ludicrous and delusional concept which, unfortunately, has taken hold quite strongly in some of our Western societies.

For this reason, the animation begins with a torus, which is a symbol that represents self awareness. The torus is a great representation of consciousness, for it is self-referencing. Self-referencing means, the ability to influence itself. We do this all the time with our decisions and beliefs! This may even  involve a complete life makeover. For example, a person may decide to quit his job as a computer programmer and start a travel business. A person may become tired of herself as mousy and become more assertive.

Any decision you make affects your  human energy field. Any feeling you have affects your human energy field. With thought you an block or distort the meridians of energy which support the body, causing it to become diseased or uncomfortable:



Figure 13 -- A torus is a shape which comes back in on itself. In other words, it is constantly in touch with itself and recycling its own energy. It is a good representation of consciousness, for every time we change our minds, we become different. Since action always follows thought, a change in belief will result in a change of our activities in the physical universe.

The torus represents the power of thought. Most people have the idea that thoughts are ephemeral and irrelevant, but in truth, thoughts affect the very nature of our human energy field, and determine who we are as a person. Our thoughts also affect our physical health. Amazingly enough, thoughts even determine how we feel from one moment to the next!

Figure 14 -- In this crude representation, the black areas are blocking thoughts which prevent life force energy from reaching the body.


A severely distorted energy field will eventually result in illness and/or psychosis.


Figure 15 -- In this representation, a person may distort the meridians of the HEF severely enough that illness and even psychosis may result.  Psychosis is a permanent distortion of the HEF causing acute uncomfortableness. A person in pain or severe discomfort will resort to drastic action in order to gain relief. Unfortunately, ignorance of the true cause of the difficulty causes a person to lash out at the outside world.


Imagine being in the center of that! Don't laugh, that's how I used to feel sometimes. My body felt like it was being pulled in 10 directions at once. This diagram is probably exaggerated, but it shows that when the meridians within the HEF are distorted, eventually the body's cellular structure will become adversely affected, despite the work of the templates to create health. (I'm not saying that physical substances can't help or hurt the body. Obviously, ingesting poison or eating improperly will cause bad health, and ingesting life-giving substances will create good health. If you're feeling rotten, go see your doctor. What I am suggesting in this presentation is that the consciousness of a person can cause distortions in the HEF and eventually affect the body for good or ill. Don't listen to me -- read the books of Deepak Chopra).

Figure 16 -- A realignment of the meridians of the HEF will restore health. This usually involves a ceasing of self limiting thoughts, beliefs, and feelings which distort the free flow of energy in the meridians.
Because the HEF is a field of consciousness, it is affected by thought. The HEF is composed of life force energy, and so is thought. Therefore it behooves us to get a grip on what we think and believe about ourselves! We have far more power to control our own vitality than we have been led to believe. The encouraging thing is that health is the default. We have to work at making ourselves miserable.


I have shown the HEF as a sphere of life force energy surrounding a torus, because the torus represents consciousness, and we are eternal beings who never lose awareness of self. When the HEF collapses at death of the body, your awareness can now expand past its limiting confines. (I don't want to suggest that its impossible to become totally aware of the Higher Self while still in a body, but there aren't very many of us who do so)!

The incarnation experience can be likened to playing a game of "Risk" (or any game).  In this game everyone gets a bunch of armies and the idea is to take over the world. During the game, you may develop an identity. "The Marauder," perhaps, who attacks othes indiscriminately and without fear. You get really into it and for an hour you become the marauder. but when the game is over you return to the fullness of you. You are still you when playing the game, you have just narrowed your focus. That is what happens during the earth experience.

The narrowing of your focus in association with a body results in lowering your awareness of Self, but increasing the intensity of your experience. We can see how this occurs energetically by looking at a torus. A torus, when rotating, generates a vortex. According to Viktor Schauberger, a vortex is how matter and energy is formed from the aether.

Figure 17 -- A rotating torus creates a vortex of spiraling energy.


Inside the vortex, in the center, is where the inflow of energy meets:

Figure 18 -- The spiraling of energy into a vortex comes together at the center to form mass.


The chakras of the human body are also energy vortices. Here are some pics from Brennan's book "Hands of Light:"
Showing the chakras as energy vortices.




Figure 19A and 19B --  Showing the position of the 7 main chakras of the human body.


The chakras provide energy to the body in specific areas. The body has hundreds of chakras, I've just shown the 7 major ones.

My primitive drawings of the HEF are absurdly simple compared to the real thing! If the HEF really does contain the templates for design of the human body, the sophistication and complexity must be truly awesome. 


The HEF is set to resonate to a particular set of vibratory frequencies, in perfect compatibility with the body. With the body's sensors, we can only perceive a specific set of frequencies within the universal bandwidth. So we interpret the universe we live in according to the vibrational envelope necessitated by the senses of the human body. For example, when you blow on a dog whistle, only the dog can hear it because human ears are not sensitive enough to accept that vibrational frequency.

Obviously, the body and the consciousness which uses it must be "on the same wavelength" otherwise each would be invisible to the other.
How does this work?


Take a look at these 4 vibrations:



wave 1. Very low vibration. Wave crests are so far apart, none are visible to the eye. This line would actually be white, blending in with the background, for it would be impossible to see this vibration, but I have colored it to have something to show you.


wave 2. A visible, but low vibration with large spaces between wave crests. If this vibration were audible, it might be a very low note. If it were light, it might be dark red.


wave 3. A higher vibration. Smaller spaces between wave crests, but still visible. If this were a color, it might be blue, if a note, a high one.


wave 4. A very very high vibration. There are so many wavecrests they all blend together. None are perceivable, because one cannot be distinguished from another, so this very high vibration is also invisible (the sensors of the body cannot interpret it). If this were a note, it would be well beyond the range of human hearing, if a color, it would be invisible, way past the ultraviolet. The diagram should be completely white, but I have colored this vibration to have something to show you.

Wave 1 and wave 4 illustrate that any vibration out of the range of our sensory equipment is invisible to us, as is the dog whistle to our ears. Look at wave 2 and wave 3. These vibrations are real to our human senses, because they have discernable wavecrests. Now notice that there are about 7 crests of wave 2 for every crest of wave 1. Imagine an eye at every crest. When wave 1 sees wave 2, what does he see? Well, since he has an eye spaced 7 crests apart, he can only see himself! In other words, wave 1 can only perceive at his level of consciousness or below. When wave 3 looks at wave 2 however, he can easily see him for what he really is. He just counts out 7 of his crests and matches up with wave 2.

This crude demonstration helps us to see that the vibrational signature of the body (and the universe around us) must be similar to the consciousness associated with it. The reality we experience is similar to tuning our radios to a specific channel. We only receive the program we are tuned into!

The Human Energy Field contains the design templates for every cell and organ of the body. *

These templates were designed by you before you incarnate and are blueprints for perfect functionality of every part of the body and the body as a whole. All systems are designed for perfect health, in other words! Anyone, at any time, (theoretically anyway!) may re-attain a state of perfect health by ceasing to block and distort the free flow of life force energy from the HEF to the body. This is how 'miracle cures' occur.

Even when the genetic material is damaged at birth, there must conscious intent to incarnate. Because the cells of the body have their own consciousness, it is possible for life to continue in a vegetative state. The incarnated being has left but the  cellular structure of the body continues.

The HEF is sometimes called the "aura" but this is a little like calling Michelangelo's Pieta a statue. Someday we may design instruments (or use our inner vision) capable of measuring the HEF. Right now our ability to perceive it is similar to a very, very out of focus camera looking at a complex blue print. All we see is a fuzzy blob.
The HEF maintains life. It provides the energy for all of the body's systems. It is the source of the autonomic function.
When a person decides that life is no longer worth living, he or she collapses the HEF and the body disassociates. The incarnated personality returns to its broader awareness, interfacing with the universal medium (Source) on a much more intimate basis. "Death" is therefore always a pleasant experience, must be, for a greater connection to source will feel good.

Essentially the process of death is the unfocusing of the focused nature of the HEF. In our modeling analogy, the sphere of energy generated by the torus of consciousness ceases to become self referencing. Remember, life force energy is constantly flowing into and out of the torus, moving round and through it, constantly recycling. The HEF is probably not a perfect sphere, but more like an apple, for energy must go in and out from top and bottom to form the vortexes that create the matter and energy of the body.

Is the HEF self contained? Yes. It is like a little bubble of energy floating in the universal sea of vibration. But it is not disconnected from Source: in fact, it is taking new energy from the universal medium and recycling back to it. So even though we are self contained personalities, we are connected to all life everywhere.

The HEF is dynamically created in every instant by the incarnated personality, sort of like standing on the grass on a hot summer day with a hose pointing up into the air. The water goes vertically out of the hose and comes down to surround you in a little cocoon of water. As long as you hold the hose upright you feel that delicious coolness, but as soon as you move it away your little cocoon ceases to exist.

The decision to create the HEF and the decision to uncreate it is totally under your control.

No one can do anything to your HEF. Only you have the ability to influence it, for it only exists as a consequence of your conscious focus into the physical body. Our hose analogy is a little inaccurate, because someone could go to the faucet and shut off the flow of water. The source of energy to the HEF can never be shut off, for this energy fills the entire universe and there is an infinite supply. On earth we can run out of power, but consciousness never does!

Your HEF has been created by you and is at all times under your complete control. People don't recognize or understand this, so they blame all sorts of things for the discomforts they experience. But if you can begin to recognize the fact that you have an HEF and that it is designed for perfect functioning during your life experience. you may gain a greater ability to maintain your vitality at a higher level.
Of course, there probably isn't one human being on earth who has a full understanding of the HEF. My understanding of it is pretty vague myself, but I have gotten to the point that I know I have one! The knowledge that I have an HEF that0 sustains and nurtures me at all times, and which is trying to correct any imbalances I am placing in it, fills me with a feeling of power.

Understanding of the human energy field has broad and important consequences, for it means that each and every one of us chose consciously and of our own free will to incarnate on earth. Therefore, "accidents of birth" or victims cannot exist anywhere on our planet.  Seems like a shocking thing to say, but it  follows so smoothly from  the material in these essays  that I no longer question it.

* What I am calling a template is the subtle energy component of the body's material structure. An analogy is to the computer software that runs the computer and performs actions like printing and playing music, etc. The templates of the computer exist within the memory of the computer and operate electromagnetically. However, the computer itself was designed and programmed by the consciousness of human beings.

In the vibrational universe model, all matter and energy is composed, ultimately, of thought, an impossibly refined energy which has, like a vibrating guitar string, a fundamental Note (the OM) and a series of lower harmonics. Thought energy fills the universe. It has been called the aether, the active vacuum, prana, chi, the "force," whatever. The electromagnetic spectrum is a lower harmonic of aetheric energy. I say "a" harmonic because, in the weltanschauung I have presented in these papers, we live in  layered realities of vibration, each reality or universe superposed upon each other, similar to a layered digital photograph. In this concept, to experience a different reality, consciousness tunes itself vibrationally to the desired set of frequencies and can then experience in an entirely different way! I offer no proof for this concept because it cannot be proved, only experienced subjectively.

Back to templates. Templates are the programmed organization of thought energy that direct the formation of the physical structure of the body, and provide the life force energy for its maintenance. Cells and organs all have their own design templates, as well as the body's systems, contained within the human energy field, and aligned for perfect health. This explains how, for example, cells know how to divide in the process of  mitosis (mitosis is a process of cell division which results in the production of two daughter cells from a single parent cell. The daughter cells are identical to one another and to the original parent cell).
Human DNA itself will be found, eventually, to have an electromagnetic component.

The meridians of the HEF which proceed directly from the templates can, however, be altered by human thought. All disease and discomfort come from the alteration of the meridians of the HEF, flowing to each cell and organ of the body, through the free will choices of an individual. The good news is, however, that the templates for perfect health are always present. I do not recommend anyone abandoning a course of treatment; however, I do say that "getting a new attitude" can create miracles.

What I refer to as templates, others refer to as "engines."
I am modifying Dr. Tom's concept here, so don't associate my quoting him with his approval of what I'm saying!
"The Structure of Water: A View From 4-Space" by Dr. Tom Bearden at his website, www.cheniere.org:

"...All the foregoing just leads one to what I advance as the ENGINE concept, as follows.

Call a particular set of longitudinal EM {electromagnetic} waves with a given set of differential functions imposed on it, an ENGINE. Note that an LW {longitudinal wave} is an oscillation of the local energy density of the vacuum, moving along the direction of travel of the photon or wave. Hence it is a moving oscillation of the local curvature of spacetime, and it also is a moving oscillation of the local intensity of the vacuum flux.

Voila! A particular "infolded EM structuring" template or pattern (i.e., an ENGINE) thus is comprised of direct, deterministic oscillations and structuring of the virtual particle flux of the vacuum, and is also simultaneously comprised of direct, deterministic oscillations and structuring of the local curvatures of spacetime.

In modern physics, all forces on or in or of a mass are generated by the interactions with mass of the virtual flux exchange of the vacuum (particle view) and/or by the interactions with that mass of the local curvatures of spacetime.

So every structuring, function, dynamics, etc. in any mass system has a precisely coupled "engine" associated with it. Indeed, THE ENGINE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE DYNAMICS AND INTERACTIONS OBSERVED.

Suppose you have developed a technology of precisely making and reproducing "engines". As your fitted modeling grows, eventually you are able to design and build an engine for any desired function or dynamics you wish to induce in a mass or in any mass. With a little tinkering to "debug" it, you then have an emerged science of "engine" technology."

Also See, "What Are Subtle Energy Fields?" at http://twm.co.nz/subtle.html. :
Thus, if a SE {subtle energy} device can influence electromagnetic phenomena, it would be theoretically expected to influence a wide variety of phenomena spanning physical, chemical, biological, and psychophysical systems."